Saturday, August 12, 2006

Painted eaves.

We had the eaves, front windows, and front door painted white last weekend. We also cleaned up the front yard a bit. Suddenly the house looks a lot more put-together. I think it's quite cute now!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Back yard cleanup.

Before and after last weekend's work.

Now all we need is some new grass!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

We all live in a yellow bungalow

Yellow bungalow, yellow bungalow.

Although perhaps "bungalow" is too modest of a term for the house we've got at this point!

It's been awhile since we've posted any updates to this blog, but that's because not very much has been happening, construction-wise. However, we passed a very significant milestone this week, when the stucco guys finished applying the last of the color coat, then took down their scaffolding. Suddenly, we can see clearly out of our windows--and we can see the house in all its glory. We like the way it looks very much.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


What with all the rain, it's been impossible for the stucco guys to return at all for the past several weeks. We had something like 29 days of rain last month -- the wettest March since 1904. But the weather has broken a little bit in the past few days. There was enough clear weather that we went camping at Half Moon Bay on Thursday night. And today, the stucco guys returned and started spraying on the final, color coat. You can see what a difference it makes in this photo. We're thinking that the color will become a bit paler as the stucco dries, but either way, it's a pretty cheerful yellow, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Laundry time

Karen hooked up the washer and dryer today. No more trips to Mr. Bubbles to do our laundry, no sir! We still need to hook up the hot water, but we can wash, and we can dry. In this picture, Karen demonstrates.

To her right is the table where I've been working the past couple of weeks; to the right of that is the door to our bedroom. Behind K is the rail alongside the stairwell.

For reference, I took the following picture from almost exactly the same spot, pointing the same direction, a little more than four months ago.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Making sweet potato pie.

In the breakfast nook (which used to be our laundry room).

New office

Here's the office to be -- it used to be Clara's bedroom, and you can tell by looking at the purple baseboard along the bottom, which is a leftover from the room's old color ("poetic blue"). Now the room has been painted a color that Home Depot calls "chai latte." With the sunlight coming in through the windows and the door (which will open onto the deck, once we put the deck back), I think it looks gorgeous. Right now, though, it still needs a bit of work -- and we need to clear out some things being stored there.

Living room / dining room

I still think of these as two separate rooms, although they're much less separate than they used to be, since we took out the dividing wall between them. However, they're not exactly the same size (the dining room is about two feet wider) and Karen carefully rebuilt the soffit that ran around the outer edge of the living room ceiling, which helps provide some visual separation.

Anyhow, here's what the living room looks like now. Still a bit of construction material lying around (mostly trim that has yet to be installed), plus the bar which still has a blanket draped over it and hasn't moved back to the dining room yet. Note the can lights in the ceiling. For the past 3 or 4 weeks those lights have been always on (haven't installed a switch yet).

The living room is a slightly different shade of green than it used to be -- paler. In the dining room, however, David and Sally applied a rich dark red to two of the walls, and a deeper green to the other two. Here's a look. It looks rough along the top because they didn't paint all the way to the top of the wall -- leaving room for trim that will be installed later.

Three views of the kitchen cabinets

Karen worked really hard on these cabinets for over two weeks, just finishing up about a week ago. When she installed the white handles and pull knobs, it all came together somehow. I really like the way the white and chrome of the knobs echoes the white and chrome of the 1950s era stove.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bring on the junk

When we cleared the last bits of stuff out of the house in preparation for putting up drywall, we had no place to put it. So Dave and I laid down some boards and plywood over the back lawn, piled up all our junk there, and covered it with a few big tarps (including the big 40' x 60' one we had over the whole house awhile back). Before it got covered, the pile reminded me of that book where a photographer went around the world, getting families to put all their posessions out on their lawns, and then photographed the whole family together with all their stuff. It was humiliating. Such a huge pile of crap (and that's not even counting the stuff we had in storage and the stuff tucked away long ago in the office shed and behind the office shed). Tarp-covered, it was like a big, white dragon, probably ten feet wide and fifteen or twenty feet long, piled about 5 feet high on average.

So it was with mixed feelings that Dave and I uncovered this stuff and dragged a lot of it back into the house last weekend. It turns out a lot of this is not truly crap (cutting boards, kitchen pots, and other useful things) but there is still a *lot* of it. We didn't even manage to get everything inside, but the remaining pile is at least a more manageable 10' x 10' square.

To the left you can see another pile of stuff covered with a blue tarp. That's lumber salvaged from the old house--mostly planks from the old roof, but also moulding and baseboard from inside the house. This pile is also about 15'-20' long but only about 3' high and 5' wide. This past week, Efren has been pulling baseboard and moulding out of the pile, cleaning it up, and installing it in various places around the house.

(March 13, 2006)

Everything including the kitchen sink

Karen hooks up the kitchen sink -- to everyone's great relief, as we'd been washing dishes in the bathroom sink and bathtub ever since we moved back in to the house (almost 3 weeks). With the cabinets almost completely installed, and the countertops on, Karen hooked up the sink and we were in business! Still no power to the dishwasher or garbage disposal, but give it time, give it time. Meanwhile, the kitchen has acquired a floor, the living room and dining room got painted in opulent shades of green and dark red ("chablis" is the color Home Depot calls it), and most of the dust has been vacuumed up. Almost all of that happened while I was in San Diego March 6-9. Go Karen, David, and Sally!

(March 11, 2006)